2017-05-11 Ethereum and Bitcoin in Washington Square Park

Some notes from an informal lunch in Washington Square Park today. Jordan Cooper organized a group via Twitter, here were my take-aways:

  • There were 10 people including myself
  • I wanted to come because I think Jordan is working on smart things, it is near my apartment, and my friend Tynan talks about crypto-currency non-stop
  • “This is the first time that open source has been directly related to capitalism”
  • There will be a large fall-out in all the bottom side of coins, alt-coins
  • ICO = Initial Coin Offering
  • Almost everyone uses Coinbase
  • Many many new coins coming out every week
  • What is the actual utility of these coins?
  • Bitcoin as a storage of wealth or value
  • Bitcoin never got B2C traction
  • Large banks looking at the blockchain after SWIFT hacking incident RE: Bangladesh

Please don’t take anything verbatim // I was the least informed of this discussion. Seemed like everyone except me had some holdings, and everyone took Bitcoin and Ether as the two largest.

Washington Square Park
The beautiful Washington Square Park in NYC


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