2017-05-12 Friday: Walking meetings, Phone calls

9:00am Doctor’s Appointment

Concierge medicine at The Morrison Center in midtown.

11:30am Museum Hack Walking Meetings

Meeting Tasia and Sarah (also hi Ethan and Kate!) at L’Apicio, our co-working space in the LES hosted by Spacious.

We did a walking meeting around Sara D. Roosevelt Park, just south of Houston. I love walking meetings! They have become a fun tradition for me and Tasia when we’ve been working out of Spacious locations in the LES.

I love walking meetings!

1:15pm Lunch with Scott Kidder

COO of The Points Guy. Long-time friend in NYC. We went to Hu Kitchen, one of my favorite restaurants in NYC (and near my apartment). I gave Scott a tour since it was his first time there.

Book suggestions from Scott

  • Andrew Carnegie by David Nasaw
  • Private Empire: ExxonMobil and American Power, by Steve Coll
  • The Liar’s Ball: Extraordinary Saga of NY Real Estate, by Vicky Ward

3:00pm Phone call Thomas Griffin

Thomas Griffin who is a co-founder of ArtSquare, a soon-to-be launched company.

3:30pm: Phone call John Antista

Was introduced to him 4 years ago via David R. Schoenberger, we never connected, John moved back to NYC recently and reached out to me.

  • Internet of Things expert + freelancer
  • We talked about the spectrum sale to Verizon that I read about in the WSJ — this made me happy to talk about
  • Executive coaches: Martha Patton, Al Chase
  • Talked about skin and inflammation
  • He was supposed to be on one of the WTC 9/11 planes, but wasn’t, then started volunteering post-911

4:00pm Phone call Tracy Avin

While waiting: Comment on Ben Yu’s Facebook about The Awesome Foundation

4:30pm Phone call Richard Murray

Follow-up from a dinner party we hosted RE: investments

6:00pm Dinner with Mark Kennedy


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